Working Papers

“The Economics of Time-Limited Development Options: The Case of Oil and Gas Leases” (with Ryan Kellogg and Eric Lewis)    Revise and Resubmit, Econometrica
[PDF] [NBER WP] [Code]

“Housing Market Capitalization of Pipeline Risk: Evidence from a Shock to Salience and Awareness” (with Richard Sweeney)    Revise and Resubmit, Land Economics
[PDF] [NBER WP] [Code]

Published Papers

“Air Pollution and Criminal Activity: Microgeographic Evidence from Chicago”
(with Anthony Heyes, Erich Muehlegger, and Soodeh Saberian)
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (2021) [PDF] [Code]

“Do Alcohol Taxes in Europe and the US Rightly Correct for Externalities?”
(with Ian Parry and Juha Sikkamäki)
International Tax and Public Finance (2015)

“Weather, Salience of Climate Change, and Congressional Voting”
(with Erich Muehlegger)
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2014) [PDF]

“Understanding Errors in EIA Projections of Energy Demand”
(with Carolyn Fischer and Richard Morgenstern)
Resource and Energy Economics (2009) [PDF]

Resting Paper

“Conservation Versus Competition? Environmental Objectives in Government Contracting”